The problem with games that try to appeal to Gen Z

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11 Sep 2022, 6:00 pm

This article made me realize maybe I underestimated the millennial audience because even many of them didn't enjoy the Saints Row Reboot.

This brings me to another game that's about to attempt the same thing. The New Tales From the Borderlands.

As a Borderlands fan, I'm terrified that this may kill a major part of the franchise if not the franchise entirely. While I enjoyed Borderlands 3, I thought the antagonists were a huge step down the bar set by Handsome Jack. I didn't expect them to outdo Handsome Jack, but I also didn't expect them to sink so low and parody social media influencing. The only thing I enjoyed about the antagonists was the fact that I was gonna blast their stupid social media influencing grins off their stupid social media influencing faces at the end of the game then get to the good parts: the DLCs. The reaction to New Tales For the Borderlands is mixed to negative. I'll admit Tediore stepping into the power vacuum to rule Pandora sounds kind of interesting. I never liked their guns so it'll be interesting to oppose them. The protagonists however seems just as generic as the new Saints

Once again, the game industry takes character design inspiration from Fortnite or whatever and diversity that checks off all the boxes to satisfy the Gen Z crowd...until they realize these characters have no personality whatsoever. Even Gen Z is not fooled and they don't enjoy corporations trying to be hip with them.

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11 Sep 2022, 6:26 pm

I still can't wrap my head around the stupid way they censored Resident Evil 4 for the Virtual Reality headset. If Crapcom wants to be like Konami with their video games then they won't be getting my money anymore.

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12 Oct 2022, 11:35 am

I dunno. I never really liked to juvenility of previous Saints Row titles. It felt pretty alienating. The reboot was ok but felt rather repetitive after a bit. I don't really buy into these corporate metrics of caricaturing people based on age demographics.