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06 Oct 2022, 12:16 am

ToughDiamond wrote:
I can certainly sympathise. I had a similar problem at work once, only it wasn't that bad. They put me far too close to some noisy young people and I couldn't concentrate for their explosive yacking. We had very small desks and had to work elbow-to-elbow. One of them kept encroaching on my desk space with their stuff. Horrible experience. I didn't want to risk telling them to p** off and STFU, so I used closed-back headphones and played soothing music through them. When that wasn't enough, I just walked out and came back later when the annoying people had gone. I was lucky that the place wasn't strongly managed. Nobody ever complained about my solution. I don't think they even noticed what I was doing. To stop them encroaching onto my desk with their stuff, I made a little wall out of something or other - I can't remember what, but it was effective. I hate being invaded. I hope you find a solution.

Sounds like you handled your situation well. Yeah I'm working through and seeking other employment.