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02 Oct 2022, 6:05 pm

North County Parent Upset Over Portrait of Hitler on Classroom Board with World Leaders

One North County parent is upset that a picture of Adolf Hitler was on a white board in his son’s 7th grade class at Carmel Valley Middle School. The picture of Hitler was included on a poster board of images with the likes of Gandhi, JFK, MLK, Winston Churchill and other historical figures.

“I think a portrait of Adolf Hitler on the wall is inappropriate. This is one of the worst people in history,” said Dr. Roy David whose 12-year-old son goes to Carmel Valley Middle School. “All these role models — and Adolf Hitler — it's wrong, it's just wrong.”

David said his son, who is Jewish and whose family members were victims of the Holocaust, told the teacher the picture hanging on the white board “trivializes the Holocaust.” According to David, the teacher responded by saying, “'Well, Hitler may have done some bad things, but he also had strong leadership qualities.’ To me it was just too much at that point.”

In a statement emailed to NBC 7, the San Dieguito Union High School District wrote in part, "A lesson in World History included a discussion of various historical figures, along with images of them on a whiteboard in the classroom. The images were directly related to the curriculum and displayed during a lesson. After a concern was raised regarding one of the images and the impact it had on a student, it was taken down."

David said he contacted the principal, who he says did not immediately take down the picture, as well as the Anti- Defamation League, which called the school. At that point, ADL said the principal had already taken it down. The ADL also said plans are in the works for the ADL to educate those at the school, as it does to other schools and places needing education.

The other historical figures on the wall are known primarily for positive accomplishments. If Ghagas Khan, Stalin, and Mao were also posted I would have no issue with it. That and the teacher flippant comment leads me to a negative conclusion about the teacher.

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