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08 Oct 2022, 8:26 pm

I was listening to a Christ Williams interview a bit ago on Youtube and he brought up this quote in response to a question and, TBH, I don't think I've seen sort of minimalist conservatism described quite as well as here:

Tradition is a set of solutions for which we have forgotten the problems. Throw away the solution and you get the problem back. Sometimes the problem has mutated or disappeared. Often it is still there as strong as it ever was.

Obviously we decided our social systems needed remodeling, for a lot of important reasons, but I think this speaks clearly as well to the kinds of things we've found lurking in the walls along the way.

The take-away I get, pretty much Chesterton's Fence, be really careful about dismantling things if you don't understand the entirety of what they do yet.

“Love takes off the masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within. I use the word "love" here not merely in the personal sense but as a state of being, or a state of grace - not in the infantile American sense of being made happy but in the tough and universal sense of quest and daring and growth.” - James Baldwin


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09 Oct 2022, 11:29 pm

SMiLes, Living In A Very Conservative And
Traditional Christian Area Once Assessed
With the Most Churches Per Capita By Locality

And Likely Close to that Record Still; i Have No Misgivings

About the Value of the Tradition of Christianity and Of Course

The Many Pitfalls Associated With Politics That Abuse it For Selfish

Material Gains, Power, Status, And Subjugating And Controlling the

Freedoms of Others; Particularly, Freedoms Associated With Reproduction

in All the Ways that
Comes or Does Not Come New Now;

However, As Far as Settling Disputes Yes

in the Street That Might Otherwise Lead

to Fisticuffs And Lead Filled Death;

Having A Well Versed Mind For

The Verses of the Good

Cop Jesus Parts of

The New Testament

Is Truly Like A Silver Bullet

Or Garlic to Destroy Vampires
of the Night For Real Inhibiting
Those Propensities For Real Yet

of Course Do Least Harm; Just a Few

Well Rehearsed Verses to Make A Potential

Enemy A Loving FRiEnD Almost Immediately

With the MaGiC Password of the J Man Story

Plus again A Well Rehearsed Repertoire

Of Not Only the 'Good Cop Jesus Verses'

Yet The Ability to Illustrate them in Original

Parables to Particularly Wow The Audience in Real

Life ThiS Way For Greater Cooperation And Human Worth Indeed

Yet i Will Not Tale A Lie, This Is Much Easier to Do Gaining The Respect

of the Four Wheel Driver's If They Assess You As Potentially Yes A Recruit

To Hit a Home Run on the Church Softball Team As Such; Yep It's All About

Pre-Conceived Notions That Fit the Paradigm of What Fits The Expectations of Others For Real...

Some New Testament
Good Cop Jesus Verses
And Original Narratives
of New Parables is A Ticket

Out of 'Hell' For Real in All Potentials
oF A Locality Literally Named 'Hell' At
First As the Locals Weren't Very Nice Back
in The Beginning Days of A Mill Town Then...

Christianity Tames The Beast of Many Humans
Replacing That Shadow With At Least A Key to Love

And Cooperation if it All Fits Well Enough to actually Work...

Key Again is Christianity Tames the Beast of Many Humans

Replacing That Shadow With At Least A Key to Love FOR REAL...

Plus Humans Naturally Bond and Bind Over Common Symbols
And Ideologies As Part of Human Nature For Real iF iT Ain't Gonna Be

(Religion With or Without So Called 'God')


it May BE A 'DEvil'

We Don't Know At All

Until Whatever Fresh Hell Comes Next...

i May Not Agree With Many Specifics of the
Religion; However, it Works Very Well to Maintain

Peace And Love At Least For the Folks Who Manage to Fit in...

It's Nice to Have that J Man Password to Resolve Issues for Cooperation....

A Lot Better Likely

Than When this

Place i Inhabit was

First Called 'Hell' For Real...

Other than That i'm Extremely
Liberal Extremely Conservative
Extremely Introverted And Extremely

Extraverted too; Indeed, i Easily Switch Hit
ThiS Way Even if i Do Not Play Team Sports
Hitting Home Runs That Way in Church Softball Hehe...

True, i Usually Play Hardball Before They Realize What 'Hit' 'em Hehe...

Anyway Humans By Nature Lean More Conservative or Liberal For All Of
What They May Do And Be Defined Differently And Similarly too; Conservatives

At Best Are Anchors Who Provide Safe Harbors in SCaRCiTY of Storms And Of

Course Liberals are More Likely to Explore Fair Winds and Following Seas With Freer Sails

More in
Ways of
Freedom For
All With Least Harm...

Those Differences Aren't Going
Away As Long As We aRe Classically
Evolved Humans Like We aRe Now; However,

It's Not Set in Stone And Once Liberal Folks Will
Become Conservative And the Reverse of That True too...

The Environment; Challenge, Struggle; And Successful Adaptation Surviving Well
And Thriving in LiFE iNdeed Will Make Great Changes One Way or The Other And or Both True...

In All the Ways
Effects And
Come to Play New Now..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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10 Oct 2022, 2:11 am

It's an interesting quote.

Similar to something Dad said once: "I used to think that this was the epitome of old fogeyism, but [someone he himself quoted] once said 'in an organization -if its not necessary to change something, then it's necessary to NOT change it'". And after years of managing a bureaucracy Dad had come around to agreeing with that.

Not saying I agree nor disagree. Just saying it is an interesting observation.