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Blue Jay
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10 Oct 2022, 7:47 pm

ados-2 to be precise

the standard thing, the puzzles, the picture book, picture description telling imaginative stories based on random objects, washing/brushing gestures and talking about emotions

out of these I found it puzzling how hard it was for me to tell the story based on pictures. I basically started describing every little thing as if I was describing each picture individually. I found making up a story based on random objects much easier and natural. I think it was easier because in picture book, I didn't know what was gonna happen next, so I just didn't have the knowledge of "narrative intent" necessary to tell a story based on a plotline.

Similarly, when actual describe the picture task came out, you know, the very detailed picture with lotsa people doing stuff on it, I just started describing what every single one of them is doing to the point the person doing my assessment had to interrupt me and tell me that's enough.
I didn't know what I was really expected to do there, so I went for the ultra-detailed approach not to miss anything potentially vital.

Also, the questions about my emotions, I dunno how most people do them. When asked how it feels to be angry or whatever, I started by describing physical symptoms(my heart rate rising up, etc) and other obvious tells.

I think I was just stressed before test, maybe tired, and I panicked a little there.


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10 Oct 2022, 8:15 pm

Sweet Pea hugs. I hope you get the results soon.


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11 Oct 2022, 10:21 am

The best diagnosis is a valid diagnosis...which I hope you get soon.

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