Democrat in GA - want to rant against Abrams as a candidate

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18 Oct 2022, 8:29 pm

First off - I voted for her. I don't disagree with her on policy.

I disagree with the love affair that Dems in GA have had with her. I am excited to see her lose because I believe it will break the fever. Don't get me wrong - I hope I am wrong and somehow she wins. But as a candidate she is a poor choice. Just like with Hillary - they are so fixated on a Civil Rights milestone that they can't see that she is awful as a candidate.

I am so tired of Democrats falling in love with "lovable losers." She lost. On what planet do you automatically make her the only choice for the next election?

Here is what I saw Democrats in the state consistently ignore with her:

- In her primary before the the last governor election, her supporters interrupted her opponent (also named Stacey) and held up signs that said "Trust a Black Woman." Got it, so your entire selling point is "Elect me, I am a Black Woman" I'm sure that will go over real well in the general election. What some Dems don't get is you don't get extra votes for crying racism if people don't vote for your candidate. I want to win - if that means putting forth a turtle in the election lets do it. Next person/turtle up. The GOP has one (McConnell).

- Oh man - her personal debt! In the primaries last time, someone brought up her personal debt (I think it was close to $250,000) and the reaction from her supporters was like, "HOW DARE YOU!!"

Its a fair point. If someone is that much in debt - what makes you think they can manage a state budget? It also shows you what their motivations are - if you are in that much debt your #1 goal is to get out of that debt. So she needed national attention to write books to sell to get out of that debt

- Her numerous campaign gaffes last time around really highlighted out she has no hope of connecting with anyone outside of the Atlanta metro area. It was so bad that I don't even know where to begin.

This time she went around playing a President on a TV show and going to talk shows saying she wants to be President. YOUR ONLY ELECTORAL VICTORY AT THIS POINT IS IN A MAJORITY DEMOCRATIC STATE HOUSE DISTRICT GET A GRIP ON REALITY.

- She is consistently thinking of "her next job." It results in her absolutely running a cautious campaign for governor. She does not want to ruin her national image by taking risks and pushing the boundaries of policy. Instead, the things she advocates for are run of the mill bland ideas with really little excitement generated.

It amazes me she is not running on legalizing pot in Georgia. I don't know if it would have worked - but her polling numbers were bad enough months ago that she should have been thinking in terms of "I need to take risks here or I will lose this." But no, she does not want to commit to anything remotely controversial because she doesn't want to ruin her chances of her next job - and she needs that because she is so heavily in debt!

Her refusal to concede last time around should have been a disqualifier. She made it about herself. It was BS that she was running against a secretary of state the refused to recuse himself. But it was legal. So her refusing to concede was an entirely selfish act that gave ammunition to the other side for no reason.

I hope I have to eat my words in a few weeks time. But man, despite not voting for Kemp I hope a Kemp victory finally makes GA dems kick her to the curb. But knowing how stubborn some are, they will insist she be the frontrunner for any statewide office that comes up that she wants. Gotta love those lovable losers!


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20 Oct 2022, 3:45 pm

Your thoughts on Stacey Abrams almost perfectly mirror my thoughts on Beto O'Rourke down here.

My view is that Julian Castro (former mayor of San Antonio, former HUD Secretary) or Lizzie Fletcher (congresswoman from Houston) would have been far better candidates than Beto.

The reason: If a Democrat wishes to win statewide office in a red-leaning swing state, they have to win over conservative voters who are disenchanted with the current GOP governor (Abbott, DeSantis, Kemp, etc).

Beto has largely failed to win them over. During his short presidential campaign, his "Hell yeah, I'm coming for your guns" remark was his biggest mistake. Then he expressed support for defunding the police. Even in a solid blue state, he would have difficulties. But in Texas, a state nostalgic for the Old West days and obsessed with justice? He will struggle at every turn.

The voters he needs to win over have likely been turned off by his comments, and are more than happy to overlook Abbott's failures (Covid response, power grid, draconian abortion laws, Martha's Vineyard migrant stunt) and give him a third term.


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20 Oct 2022, 8:05 pm

I agree with everything that has been said, except for wanting the democrats to win.

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