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22 Oct 2022, 10:28 pm

LAVA ELASTIC: The UK’s FIRST neurodivergent comedy night is coming to Manchester next month

New Contact comedy show, LAVA ELASTIC is coming to Manchester and provides a supportive approachable space to perform, and helps performers navigate the complex social codes required in dealing with promoters and self-promotion.

Neurodivergent performers often struggle to get booked on the traditional comedy scene and can be put off by the (terrifying for some) prospect of hecklers. LAVA ELASTIC is a safe and fun-filled night for audiences featuring exceptional talent.

LAVA ELASTIC came about after performer and promoter, Sarah Saeed, received a late diagnosis at the age of 38 of Aspergers and ADHD and decided to provide a supportive and inclusive performance space for those who are neurodivergent.

LAVA ELASTIC has been awarded Arts Council funding to tour this first-of-its-kind comedy show across the UK.

After appearing at ARC, LAVA ELASTIC will head out on tour visiting Contact in Manchester, The Arts Centre Edge Hill in Ormskirk, The Place in Bedford, The Wardrobe Theatre Bristol, The Gulbenkian in Kent and Farnham Maltings.

Sarah Saeed, LAVA ELASTIC Founder and Host, said: “There are plenty of talented people out there we don’t get to see because they can be considered ‘problematic’ or ‘niche’.

LAVA ELASTIC lands at Contact on Friday 11 November.

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