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Emu Egg
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25 Oct 2022, 6:21 pm

i think i have autism or somthing like that

my cousin doesn't have asd but his son does

my question out of my whole family and his how is me and my 2nd cousin are alike out of every1 that's like 2000 people


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25 Oct 2022, 6:32 pm

To me, autism is a random, somewhat heritable condition.

There are times when there's heredity up the kazoo with autism-----but there are times when everybody is non-autistic in a family, except for one person.


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25 Oct 2022, 7:08 pm

This kind of spotty heritability is not unusual. It still is not well understood what causes this. It's an inherited gene plus something else probably.

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25 Oct 2022, 7:41 pm

To add to this, it is fairly common for an autistic man and woman to marry (Even though most don't realize either of them are on the spectrum as here in the UK, it is only really the last 15 to 20 years that the public in general has been informed what autism (Aspergers side of autism) is all about and even many healthcare professionals do not know much about it. One health athority in Wales UK refused to aknowledge any forms of autism existed until 1995 so those who lived there and were diagnosed had been diagnosed from other areas).

But what causes it? The most common link found is ginetic which makes sense. All autism is is a few of ones brain signals not making their connections, and for some reason, it was found it was always the frontal part of the brain that caused the issues with autism.

It was recently discovered by accident (But also makes perfect sense and they are currently researching this as is a new discovery) that most people who have been blind since birth, when assessed were found to be on the spectrum. (Pretty obvious as autism is missing brain connections, hence why they can't see! I wonder if deafness since birth could be checked as well?)

There have also been more comprehensive recent studies that suggest that no matter where in the world they tried this (They needed the help of local assessors), they found if they brought in a few hundred or more totally random people and assessed them, no matter where they tried this, a constant 6% were found to be on the spectrum, yet officially the figures claimed per country varied between 0.5 and 2.5% with 0.5 being in 3rd world countries where only the wealthy had access to healthcare and the 2.5% were the countries with the best healthcare. But the reason why the claimed percentages are much lower than the 6% findings is that assessments are ONLY done when someone asks their doctor or if there happens to be a very noticable problem when the individual was young.
Even just before the recent pandemic, I happened to mention I was on the list to be assessed to a lady who is a school teacher in one of the largest schools in Wales, and she has taught tens of thousands during her 30 year career as her school has a few thousand pupils, and she said "No way are you autistic. You are not in a wheelchair", which proves my point. Even the doctor whom I asked if I could have aspergers syndrome and I perfectly described a shutdown to her (Had them ever since I was very young... Was why I want to be assessed. Never knew what they were called until I joined this site) clearly did not know what a shutdown was. All I knew was the triggers were the same as meltdown triggers. It shows how easily one can go through life struggling without knowing or understanding why.