Do you struggle to understand the societal structure?

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14 Nov 2022, 1:58 am

[quote="princegeorge99999"]I feel like I understand the structure more than the actual people. Structures make sense (even if they are evil or perpetuate injustice).

- I feel the same thing. However, I also believe there are some underlying generalizations. Otherwise, all theories would collapse.

Have you ever read any social theorists or political philosophy? Maybe you would be interested learn how different thinkers theorize about politics, economics, social groups, etc.

When I read Karl Marx's "Capital" and learned his theories on commodification, Base & Superstructure, and other aspects of Political Economy, that was eye opening

- Yes, Marx can be said to be a genius.

. I studied economics in college which was also eye opening.

- Could you elaborate on this please? I am really interested in.

Maybe watch some Youtube videos about "decision theory" or "public choice theory".

- if you have time, could you explain these maybe we can talk on these.

I'm just throwing things out there and from different perspectives so I don't sound biased. That's the other annoying part, so many people, especially NTs have agendas, whereas I think NDs are genuinely more interested in actually understanding how the stuff works without trying to become a new dictator.

Hopefully that makes sense. And I'm happy to elaborate and/or make reading & watching suggestions, this is a deep interest of mine.