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11 Nov 2022, 2:35 pm

Has anyone else find working in a warehouse a good fit? I personally like it because I dont have to interact with customers and the work in predictable and orderly. ive tried out numerous jobs from my teen years until now and this seems to work well with me.


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14 Nov 2022, 5:46 pm

Been working in one for 12 years. Easy repetitive work. But it is also unionized where I work. Forklifts and receiving and shipping docks also require their own clerks to make sure work gets done on the computer as well (ie. Bills of lading, release of store orders, etc). An inventory clerk is also required for warehouses as well as a separate clerk for quality control purposes. It isn't just assembling orders for stores on a pallet with a walkie.

The careful considerations going into warehouse work some on the spectrum have to consider is that it can be a toxic work environment with productivity expectations and little to no room for absenteeism. Scanner use also means you are more likely to be micromanaged and any time spent beyond what is reasonable without recorded activity can result in scrutiny of your performance. Union environment with a CBA might help protect some of your rights, but there is also potential for hostile environments when union reps don't get along with the managing team.

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