Is becoming a doctor for this reason a good idea

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06 Dec 2022, 2:16 am

Hello everyone!
I have only recently joined the forums. I am a 23 year old woman who was recently diagnosed with ASD. I love healthcare and helping people and medicine. I also have some clinical experience so I find that I am really drawn to becoming a doctor, however, I was wondering if my reasoning is correct/good.

There are multiple reasons that I was thinking of pursuing this career. Most of my reasons are "the right reasons" but there is one reason that I'm not as sure about which is:

I really want the respect, love and grace that comes with being a doctor. I have yet to see any other profession where people will almost instantly get glossy-eyed and swoon over the mere mention of a doctor. I've never cared much about status so I never understood the hype. Oftentimes, doctors don't even have to be on time or do their job particularly well and they still get respected by individuals. They don't have to be good people and they're still respected by individuals. Basically, my whole life I feel like people have always clocked that there was something "different" about me and this has almost always turned into something negative. My thinking is- by being a doctor, perhaps that "different" will finally be treated as something worthy of respect and recognition for once. It's hard when nobody believes me/listens to me simply because I'm not able to get people to like me instantly.

Basically, I feel like I'm going to be disrespected and bullied my entire life by neurotypicals unless I have a title like "doctor" to "protect" me from it. I know other careers can have similar impacts on people but none quite like "doctor". Am I misguided?


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06 Dec 2022, 11:00 am

Everyone has their own reasons to pursue what career paths they do. This reason might not be the most altruistic of reasons, but it's not exactly terrible, either.

One of my friends that went to medical school (and was not successful) told me that there are three types of students in medical school. About half are there for the $$$$$, about half are there because their parents are making them (for their goals/status of having a doctor for a kid), and 1% or so are there because they want to be doctors - and those are the ones who all make it.

Whether it's mainly to help people, solve medical problems, Or in your case achieve a title that commands instant recognition and respect, if the goal is YOURS and not simply for money or someone else' dreams you have a way higher chance of achieving it.

As for your reason, I get it, but my Prediction is that it will lessen your woes about social interactions but not eliminate them entirely. You'll still have your quirks and seem "off," to some people, but, even those people will know you're a Doctor so it will shield you some from them thinking you're not-so-bright if and when you make some social or conversational mistakes. Having a title of MD won't exactly make all of your ASD traits go away or anything, so just know that you'll still have to deal with those issues as they arise.. but you're right; people will raise their baseline level of respect for you 100%.

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06 Dec 2022, 11:07 am

It's not really a "good" reason.....but you have many other "good" reasons.

The b***h about medicine is how difficult medical school is, the malpractice insurance, and internships/residencies. After all that, it's actually pretty good to be a doctor.

I would never have been able to go through that grind! Maybe you could!


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06 Dec 2022, 6:27 pm

Your reason to become a doctor, to me, doesn't sound like the greatest reason

However, not everyone that succeeds at becoming a doctor, has the greatest reason

What kind of education do you have right now?

Is your health good enough to handle the sleep deprivation of medical school?

What other occupational prospects do you have?

What kind of jobs have you done before?

Medical school takes a lot of time, energy, and cash

Going into a lot of financial debt just for "respect", does not sound like it makes sense to me. However, it might make sense in your situation.

Besides there is something wrong with everything

What kind of job skills do you have?

What kind of job do you think you would enjoy doing, without taking into account cash or "respect"?

I know what you mean by "respect". I work as a Lot Attendant. Customers have the nerve to whistle at me. Some day laborers keep screaming "Chino" at me. But that doesn't mean I want to be a doctor

Also, doctors have to deal with hostility too

Doctors have a lot of pressure and responsibilities

When I clock out of work, I don't have to think about work anymore.

Patients give doctors contagious diseases

Doctors have to talk on the phone

Plenty of people would want more respect, but they don't all want to be doctors

What if being a doctor doesn't work out for you?

What are your plans "b" and "c"?

You might not do well enough in medical school

You might hate being a doctor

Being a doctor is a large sacrifice of time, cash and energy

It is worth it for some

It is not worth it for others

(Disclaimer:. I am not a doctor and I don't play one on TV)

Try doing research about what being a doctor is like