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22 Dec 2022, 7:54 pm

Feet been hurting @ work. Sometimes so much, consider quitting job.

Work as a Lot Attendant. Pushing carts and loading merchandise.

With the exception of office jobs, almost all the jobs that I am qualified to do, are standing jobs: restaurant, retail, sales, manual labor.

39 years old, a long way until retirement.

5'3, 120 pounds. Plenty of people work more hours than me, in standing jobs, heavier/fatter, older. How do they do it?

I do not have to work at that job, but I do need an income. (minimum wage, part time job is fine)

Pretty soon, I will be too old/physically weak/injured/disabled to be lot attendant.

While Lot Attendant Roy is 64, Tattletale Tom 53, Lot attendant steve 44, Lot Attendant willie was 61, i am, by far, not the oldest lot attendant.

however, i am the only one that is not cisgender male. and i am the shortest height, and lowest weight and physically weakest and the only female, s**t.


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04 Jan 2023, 2:07 pm

Diet and exercise/stretching to strengthen your back & core so that over time all types of work become easier.

Proper fitting shoes/insoles that are comfortable can make a huge difference on your feet/legs/back etc. If you're walking around on hard surfaces all day in ill fitting footwear it's a recipe for aches and pains.

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