Determined to make this year my most successful but...

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02 Jan 2023, 10:56 pm

trying to keep it positive, guys. I have so much to offer the world, but i am bordering on insanity because i cannot function productively. I was told i show major signs of adhd along with asd, but the main subject brought up is ptsd. whatever it is, I'm at a place where i'm less emotionally stuck and more productively stuck. I'm a vocalist, i'm a graphic designer, i'm a mix media artist (aside from a regular job) and i'm full of dreams and love being me, but i cannot translate that into something productive (on my own) and that bothers me quite a bit. I'm also dealing with family bullies that could sabotage my living situation. So i'm just a bundle of nerves all day everyday. in public, in private, period. so I'm interested in learning how many of you found your niche and found success. here's an actual question: I just started researching and getting confirmations here and there about neurodiversity and how my ptsd has effected my life. would you suggest plowing forward and working to success, or steadier careful road while continuing to understand discovered diversity. because should i get a big break, i'll still have to confront healing and adjusting. but going slower is really wearing on my patience. all input is appreciated. I think i post odd so i won't be offended