Gen Z - You can get what you want without working

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10 Jan 2023, 6:15 pm

Generation Z has been accused of a number of things but the latest is something called "Lucky Girl Syndrome" which has gone viral on tik-tok

Gen Z influencer Laura Galebe swore her secret to success was as simple as assuming everything would just work out for her, a philosophy she dubbed “Lucky Girl Syndrome”.
Galebe’s original Lucky Girl Syndrome post — in which she intones, “I just always expect great things to happen to me, and so they do” — has been viewed 2.7 million times, while #LuckyGirlSyndrome has 61.9 million views on TikTok. ... d7375fe7d9

Lucky Girl Syndrome hadn’t yet been coined by Galebe in early 2022 when Kirshten Garcia, 24, decided she was going to have a “lucky” year and get invited to New York Fashion Week. But Garcia believes the method worked for her. Inspired by videos of various girls on social media, she began using daily mantras such as “Everything always works out for me.”
“I just would always like affirm every day, ‘I’m so happy that I’m going to New York Fashion Week this year and I’m so happy designers are reaching out to me,’”

Lucy Baker, a 46-year-old life coach based in the United Kingdom, cautioned that when manifesting doesn’t work, it can be a huge problem for those who’ve come to believe that happy thoughts are all you need.

“(It) triggers disappointment for some while others completely lose their confidence,” she told The Post. “I use positivity techniques with my clients — but believing you are the luckiest person on planet Earth and luckier than any other living being can be dangerous.”