At night I like to watch or read something scary

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26 Jan 2023, 9:35 pm

I seem to find myself wanting to be scared by watching a really scary horror film or watch some documentary about ghost stories and stuff like that. I remember watching the Japanese horror film Ju-on: the Grudge and it did take me a while to get to sleep afterwards. I also have seen a series of programs of ghost stories in the UK with some disturbing reconstructions by actors. I particularly find stories about extreme hauntings and vengeful ghosts very interesting. The UK has its fair share of scary and haunted places but I've also seen and read about ghost stories in the US and Canada.
The other day I listened to two particularly disturbing Canadian ghost stories about the Headless Nun (a ghost that is said to haunt French Fort Cove in New Brunswick appearing in her headless form asking travellers to help her find her head and is also said to appear to those who go search of treasure she was entrusted with). The other was of the Dungarvon Whooper also from New Brunswick (a ghost of a murdered lumberjack cook whose horrible whooping cries are said to be heard in the forests of New Brunswick).