need set of adult facial expressions labeled photos or cards

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28 Jan 2023, 5:26 pm

Hello All:

After much searching, including these forums until I got an "invalid key" message about a recapta that did not appear, I have come up empty. I am looking for a set of adult facial expressions, with the following characteristics, if possible:
1. Color.
2. Many different people.
3. Multiple ethnicity.
4. Many different shades (or intensity) of the emotion expressed.
5. Labeled in some machine readable format as to the emotion expressed and its intensity on some numeric scale.
6. Can be in the form of flashcards, database, zip of multiple files, and so on.
7. Should include "poker face" / neutral.
8. If not flashcards, I can write a program to randomly present them to me and keep score.

Goal: Teach this senior what autistic kids are now learning early on. I have known for a couple of decades that I do not recognize facial expressions except smile or raised middle finger. But I have just become aware of theory of mind, that others control their expressions at will and a bunch of other stuff about the strange alien beings around me.


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29 Jan 2023, 7:43 am

Apologies - I don't mean to state the obvious, but have you tried this? ... xpressions

The "Image" tab provides many examples of adult facial expressions, and the "All" tab will probably contain other useful resources.

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