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10 Feb 2023, 5:43 pm

Decided to put discussion-thread in the 'News And Current Events Forum' even though the 'Social Skills And Making Friends Forum' is also a good choice.

'ICE' Is One Of The Rudest Dining Habits Ever, And You Might Be Doing It. (This is what happens when a one-upper comes to the table). LINK

NOTE: ICE stands for “Invidious Comparison Eating.'

Personally I've been taught to refrain from subtle rudeness e.g., faux-pas. The enclosed story offers examples of 'ICE' people who are probably best avoided in the first place.

LINK: ... 43638505f6


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10 Feb 2023, 6:27 pm

Huffpost. The underbelly of wokeness. Of course!

And guess what? I do make a better sandwich than you, because I make it to my taste!

Enjoy the silence.