Autistic Rick Glassman plays another Autistic Character

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17 Feb 2023, 10:50 am

18 Things to Know About Jewish Actor Rick Glassman

Unfortunately, it’s rare that people with autism spectrum disorder get authentic and respectful representation in media. “Although many portrayals in popular media are meant to spread awareness, some have perpetuated unrealistic stereotypes,” The Organization for Autism Research states on their website, adding, “The ‘autistic savant,’ a person with autism who has exceptional skill or brilliance in some limited field, is the most common.”

But recently, Jewish actor Rick Glassman has received praise for portraying a character with autism spectrum disorder on the ABC sitcom “Not Dead Yet,” who thoughtfully discusses autism. Even better, Glassman himself has autism spectrum disorder.

Rick was a self-described “hyper kid” who often felt excluded for reasons he didn’t fully understand. (As an adult, he would be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.)

“I was put in learning-disabled classes, then some sub-learning disability class that to this day I don’t even know what it was,” Rick said of his early education experiences.

Rick was diagnosed with level 1 autism around 2017.

“It was so freeing,” Rick wrote of his diagnosis. “First, by understanding the way I think, I began to learn how to talk to myself. Then, accept myself. Then, how to talk with others. Then, how to teach others how to communicate with me. What I learned was, many of the interpersonal obstacles I had weren’t because of who I am, but because of the defined ‘typical’ expectations that exist (that I was previously… and still kinda am… unaware of); if I can help reframe people’s expectations of me, then our interactions will be met with understanding.”

Not Dead Yet” isn’t the first time Rick has played a character with autism! In 2021, he played Jack Hoffman on the short-lived show “As We See It,” a coming-of-age show on Amazon about three autistic roommates. (It was based on the Israeli show “On the Spectrum.”)

This situation comedy centers on a woman who has recently ended a long term relationship and stated new job as an obituary writer. The people she writes obits about become advice giving ghosts.

Glassman plays her roommate Edward.

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