Ohio Trans High School Sports Ban

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20 Feb 2023, 10:26 pm

https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/c ... gislators/

sorry if this is the wrong place, couldn't find a better one.

I feel like puking. I'm in high school in Ohio and have plans to join the girls' volleyball team in my highschool. for the record, I'm a little bit chubby, so I have no 'advantage' (which makes no sense btw. What if an abnormally tall/strong cis female competed? Do other girls get to complain?). I hate living in Ohio. I hate the GOP. Why is it so hard for me to just live and breathe and be me in this state? The schools themselves are okay in terms of respect, though they really need to work on changing email and profile names and things like that, but the creeping transphobic laws are freaking me out.

My god. jelly donuts are so scary.


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24 Feb 2023, 8:28 am

I'm sorry you even have to think about all that crap, no wonder you feel nervous. It's so stupid, what can you even say. I hope you get on the team and have a great time in spite of all the BS.