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07 Mar 2023, 10:44 am

I haven't really got a phobia of having a heart attack and I do not even feel really that I have something wrong with me right now that must go and see a doctor like a hypochondriac would do but I sometimes have these thoughts thinking that even though I'm fit and healthy right now, years down the line I'll be more likely to have a heart attack, a TIA (transient ischemic attack) like my dad had when he was only in his late 40s) etc. I seem to have this ridiculous thought that you hit a certain age and then something nasty straight away happens to you and your health hits you in the same way that a cold or flu virus does even though I know a heart attack is not contagious like a cold or flu is. Despite this though I still keep reminding myself of people who were much younger who had heart attacks like there was someone who worked for my company who was 33 and had one before Covid hit and he had to be put into a coma and now in an almost brain-damaged state from what I've heard. People like my mum have told me that even though my dad's side of the family probably has things like diabetes, heart problems etc, I am a mixture of the blood of both parents not just one parent. And that I probably may not get the same problems as they have. My mum's side of the family hasn't really from what I've heard had a history of heart attacks and diabetes although I do remember my granddad (my mum's dad) was diagnosed with prostate cancer and went to hospital and had it removed early.

I do keep reminding myself and so have other people that what have I got to worry about if I don't smoke, am not obese, walk quite fast to work every week, and moderate what I eat ? In the mornings and lunchtimes, I will have fruit like an apple, a pear or banana or something and will have a bowl of Alpen muesli nearly always for lunch, I used to like Alpen as a kid and now since Covid struck I started getting into it again.

I can't understand why we have to be told about things like death even to those even those people who haven't lived a full life yet because it just feels as though its too soon to talk about it and they'll feel ''Well, I am too young to die and therefore I don't want to talk about it.'' and then to some people it could start triggering issues such as worrying mentally about their health sometimes to an extreme.