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Professor of Pedantry
Professor of Pedantry

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16 Jul 2005, 10:16 pm

/me raises hand for exhibiting Executive Dysfunction symptoms and for having Sensory Processing Disorder. Thank yew. Thank yew...

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17 Jul 2005, 6:48 am

NeantHumain wrote:

[color=#0D933B][b]I remember, as a kid, I noted to my mom that it was pretty strange that I felt itchy all the time. I deduced that the function of itchiness was to remove foreign debris and the continued sensation of itchiness was errant. I also disliked the fabric of a uniform shirt I used to have to wear.

I have to wear somewhat loose clothing, or it drives me a little crazy. I'll often take my shoes off at work, and usually take my socks off as well at some point during the work day. If a shirt just doesn't 'feel right', which does happen a bit more since I put on some extra weight, I am pulling at it a lot throughout the day.