Beware of working for a manager from a different country

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02 May 2023, 11:09 am

MatchboxVagabond wrote:
Readydaer wrote:
1986 wrote:
You should buy a mirror.

mindless one-liners won't contribute to an intellectual discussion. Care to elaborate?

He's not wrong. You don't get to pick your boss, but you can find some combination of changing your job and changing the way that you interact with the bosses. If there is a consistent issue across multiple bosses from multiple regions of the world, the first place to look is in the mirror.

The folks on this board are going to have more of a challenge with both of those parts than the general population, but it's not impossible. I used to work in China and once I figured out how to communicate to them how hard I was working, even if I wasn't really working that hard and was goofing off during half the time I was working, things got easier. Learning that the service I was providing wasn't the one that I thought I should be providing and just doing as I was told helped a lot.

There are going to be varying opinions from these foreign born managers and even within their culture they may vary a bit. But, recognizing that the rules will change a bit depending upon where the manager got his or her ideas from and playing along is usually good for your career. Assuming that you even care about such games.

One of my fmr Chinese managers is known to throw things at people under him. They don't complain because they are Chinese and expect that.

Nowhere did I say I have a problem with all of my managers. And note: I did say I learned to work with one.

But yeah sure lets misconstrue what I said just to trash someone on the internet.


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06 May 2023, 3:06 pm

Just started a new job at a lab in which most of the employees from the production floor on up are older S. Korean men. I'm more familiar with Korean history than the culture. These men grew up in South Korea when it was a poor country run by a succession of U.S. backed dictatorships and would have been young adults when the country transitioned to democracy in 1985. I don't bring any of this up and they certainly don't know about my level of knowledge about their culture, but I have noticed that even 60 year old engineers will strip and clean equipment with low level new hires from different cultural backgrounds while crouching on a floor for two hours. Show me one U.S. born, middle class from birth N. American, manager that will work O.T. to get dirty. I like these guys so far, because they had to scrap for everything had.


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04 Jun 2023, 10:48 am

The main problem is psychopaths, whatever the gender or nationality.

May you be blessed by YHWH and his Asherah


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04 Jun 2023, 10:52 am


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