Are there medications which treat symptoms of mild autism?

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Blue Jay
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06 May 2023, 7:10 am

Mild autism is also called high functioning autism, as you might know. Do you know if there are medications which treat symptoms of high functioning autism? Or mild autism, whatever you want to call it, its the same thing anyways.

What about, Paroxetine, for example. Its an antidepressant which treats various problems. What do you think about this?


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06 May 2023, 7:17 am

anxiety and depression are common among autistic people, but they are not actual parts of autism (symptoms).

There are many many drugs that can help along with therapy for struggles we may have in our lives, but there are no "treatments" or cures for autism.

We are born with our autistic neurology and we die with it.
We can find many ways to help ourselves along the way.

Read about self accommodations and try to learn as much about the neurology you were born with. Knowing your best strengths and worst weaknesses will help you or those who are with you to see ways to make life easier and better as you live your life.

If you have formal diagnosis, often the written summary will explain the ways you are brilliant and the things you did poorly on while being tested. Those are clues to your neurology that you can use to adjust every day life for yourself.


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07 May 2023, 2:26 pm

I think I've heard of meds for like..... the anxiety aspect of sensory issues, like antidepressants or GABA. But nothing treats the actual autism symptoms.

We just built different, and society should learn to respect our differences.

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07 May 2023, 2:46 pm

Yes, if you get anxious or depressed there are sedatives and antidepressants, if you happen to decide they're worth the risks, and that's pretty much all. That's all I was offered when I was diagnosed with ASD, and as I've not yet been anxious or depressed to the point of such desperation as that, I haven't taken up the offer.

I've heard of research going on with other prescription drugs, but that's all still at the research stage, and I haven't seen anything that looks very hopeful in terms of balancing risks and benefits. Not that I'm an avid follower of pharmaceutical ASD research. I've never had much hope for it personally. I prefer other interventions to make my life bearable.