The Writer’s Voice – An Essential Guide to Better Writing

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17 May 2023, 12:29 pm

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The Writer’s Voice – A tool of the craft of writing

How often have you read an article and felt as if the writer is actually speaking to you? When you read your favourite novel, you probably feel that the author is telling you a story in person. Of course, there would have been instances when the connection between you, the reader, and the writer never happened. That is when we almost always relegate what we read to the back of our minds. What stands out are the pieces that we read where the voice of the author is loud and clear.

Yes, the voice. Even in writing, the holder of the pen has a voice that speaks to us. Some voices are bold and confident, some are quietly convincing, and some are witty and almost funny, but they are all unique. They bring the writer alive to a reader. They talk and the reader listens. The writer’s voice, hence, is one of the most important tools that we as writers use to craft our work.

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