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Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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04 Sep 2023, 6:07 pm

Hello to this Wrong Planet forum ... because a savy person told me:
"And I cannot respond usefully to your question. Maybe a different forum could help? > Coping in life > Social Skills and Making Friends"

This is the Introductory Message ... Having gone well past the allotted 3 score + ten, many have endured my less endearing behaviors. Yet somehow, even with decades of CBT (& etc.) appts., more change would be nice; i.e.: how can an oldster with challenging health, mobility, & finance issues, "re-learn" the Social Skills stuff that hadn't been invented in the schools back then??? (1950's-60's) -or?- better to just give it up, as the developmental issues aren't fixable period.
PS - dx was aspergers (dsm iv times)

Mona Pereth

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06 Sep 2023, 3:00 pm

What kinds of social skills are you especially interested in learning?

- Autistic in NYC - Resources and new ideas for the autistic adult community in the New York City metro area.
- Autistic peer-led groups (via text-based chat, currently) led or facilitated by members of the Autistic Peer Leadership Group.
- My Twitter / "X" (new as of 2021)