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13 Sep 2023, 10:12 am

I love watching Austin City Limits. It combines multiple special interests for me, music appreciation as well as Retro TV. Willie Nelson's performances are Iconic. He was the first artist on there I believe. Neil Young is great on there as well. I also really liked Todd Snider's. John Prine and Guy Clark were great as well. Also Steve Earle's performance from 1986 is the genesis of me figuring out I love watching ACL.

Tiny Desk Concerts are amazing as well. I found out who Jessica Lea Mayfield is because of that. I love her aesthetic and how she had different guitars for each song. I go back to Kurt Vile a lot. I really enjoyed Charley Crockett, Justin Townes Earle(he was very talented, I feel sad though because he is no longer with us) and Daniel Johnston(If you haven't already, you should watch The Devil and Daniel Johnston, although it's a difficult watch sometimes, its very compelling though, he is also no longer with us sadly).

I'm also loving Neil Young's live at Massey Hall album. I think I just really like Neil Young now. I honestly hadn't really listened to a lot of him. Waylon and Willie is also a great album and Wanted! the Outlaws is pretty great as well. I'm also really into Bobbie Gentry(she has quite the story, I believe she just disappeared because she didn't want to be famous, I hope it wasnt because something bad happened to her, knowing the music industry then makes me wonder) The music industry I am learning is definitely not a very safe place, however it makes for some great listening.

I love Drive By Truckers as well. I'm also loving Colter Wall, Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell,(his tiny desk concert is good too). Yeah, my music taste has been a bit similar in the post, however Im very open, I just get obsessive about one theme at a time and currently it's a lot of alt country. I never really gave country music a chance until I figured out that Johnny Cash was country. I thought he was just Rock N Roll.

I don't usually post my interests on here but this is one that I hold dearly because I believe it's really improved my mood and overall well being. Im also starting to listen to lyrics more and it's helping me realize I'm not so alone in some of my feelings.


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13 Sep 2023, 12:00 pm

I'm also obsessed with music. I'm glad it's been helping you.

Do you know Neil Young and Crazy Horse? Crazy Horse are one of the bands he's performed with.

I'm not very familiar with the stuff you listed, a lot of what I listen to is either really noisy punk or older hip-hop. :nerdy:

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15 Sep 2023, 1:29 pm

Music is the one obsession I've had my entire life, since at least back to when I was 3.

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