Einstein is Right About How Anti-Matter Responds to Gravity

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28 Oct 2023, 11:22 am

It was meant to be humorous. But...


The moon doesnt pull water on earth towards itself via "gravity".

It just blocks this force that is pushing down upon the earth...making the water rise up?

Which would mean that the earth itself blocks the same force upon the moon. Which is why the moon stays in orbit around the earth.

But that would mean that this "force" is pushing in opposite directions at the same time. And that it pushes in constantly changing directions. Hard for me to conceptualize this.

And different bodies in space have different amounts of gravitation. So that would mean that this force of yours would push down by differing amounts.

The Moon only gets one sixth as much as the earth ...which is why the astronauts were able to jump around on the Moon.