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Blue Jay
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01 Oct 2023, 4:11 pm

I was always confused because my father and I often have this argument, do we Aspies possibly have deeper mental health or emotional issues?. I often wonder about myself because I have a hard time ''connecting'' with others or distant, yet I can get dates, want to live in purposeful obscurity, work and be with my dog, feel mentally someplace else compared to my family, yet I know everything going on, but feel at times withdrawn or ''self focused'' on personal goals. The stuff that they talk about such as material items, social climbing, kids and so on doesn't interest me.


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01 Oct 2023, 4:39 pm

studies have found that autistic/aspergers individuals do have a very high frequency of also being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, as well as some other mental health diagnoses.
Theories have developed saying this may be because we have a more difficult time with social and communication struggles, which of course are also due to our autism. The fact that we have to have social struggles as well as communication struggles to get diagnosis seems to confirm we would have troubles surrounding those issues.
There are lots of articles and links to studies about autism and depression, autism and anxiety, autism and mental health if you do simple internet searches. many of the things we are asked to do every day are simple for non autistic individuals but very difficult for us.


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