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18 Oct 2023, 2:46 pm

40 years old. Autism, clinical depression, anxiety disorder officially diagnosed. Thus far zero other officially diagnosed conditions.

My whole life, been sleeping a lot and light sleeper.

Usually get about eight hours of sleep a day

Sometimes trouble falling or staying asleep

Usually sleep 10 to 6am.

Until March 2023, hardly ever took naps

Starting March 2023, all of a sudden, on my days off work (2 days off a week), been taking naps two hours after waking up.

Nothing drastic happened March 2023

It's so inconvenient because not only do I need a lot of sleep, but I can only sleep at certain times and the slightest noises wake me up

And my entire worthless corpse is rapidly getting much worse:

Physically weaker
Mentally slower
Emotionally fragile
Light sleeper
Sensitive to heat and cold
Bladder and intestines weak


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21 Oct 2023, 2:54 pm

Have you spoke to a medical professional about this

We have existence