Probably going to drop out of college

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28 Nov 2023, 11:20 pm

calciume wrote:
It doesn't help my stress levels that if my car breaks down (which it could at any time in this shape) I am completely screwed because I live in a car dependent s**thole.

Do you know what's wrong with it?

Never Again*.
*Note: Terms and conditions may apply. Offer not currently available to those living under Israeli occupation.


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29 Nov 2023, 12:56 am

Weight Of Memory wrote:
In other words, the problem isn't really the subject, but the lack of structure and the instructor not making the subject interesting..

There is another tug of war. Many students want experts in their field to teach them (research led teaching). The problem is that research focussed academics make terrible teachers and course designers . Education focused academics can create engaging classes but the good students don't feel they get their money's worth from getting somebody who speaks to lecture slides.