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06 Dec 2023, 8:32 pm

Hello, I discovered this forum by searching for a random statistic about people with autism. I like the principle of a forum dedicated to those with Autism and Aspergers (I like the term Aspergers more because it differentiates between those who are High functioning and those who are not, and they may encounter different challenges and issues with the neurotypical world). I was diagnosed from birth, and have struggled. Lately, I have done well by refusing to mask, many people find my brash attitude charming and forthright, others do not. This is ok, I do not want to make people like me. My teachers hate me.

Political views (if you are willing to read, political ideology is not for everyone and is sensitive)
I am an anarcho-syndicalist in college. I am not a liberal, liberals are not left leaning in the grand scheme of ideology they are at best centrist, and at worst slightly right leaning. I have no issue with those who are right leaning, I was someone like that myself, I have an issue with the beliefs and what they would hope for the world, not them as people. I like reading about leftist theory. My friend recommends books to me. He is very smart and knows almost every major Western Political event, their causes, and broader motivations. For example, Abraham lincoln was not a strong advocate for the abolition of slavery, in fact, he believed the African-American man could not achieve equality in the United States, nor compete with Americans and believed that they needed to be returned back to the African continent, despite already being disconnected from African language and culture by this time. Despite these sentiments, even saying “I am as much as any other man in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race” many Southern states feared the institution of slavery would be threatened by tariffs Lincoln introduced. After the Civil war, the status-quo would be maintained, Southern states introduced literacy requirements which prevented the African-American population, who as slaves, were forbidden from learning to read, from voting, and systems similar to this kept African-Americans from being able to succeed, eventually resulting in sharecropping, an institution that effectively returned them to slavery, or if you want to be generous, rose them to the level of serfdom. I understand many of the reasons why conservative rhetoric is enticing, however, their motivations lie elsewhere. I hate liberal ideology because it is annoyingly centrist, and its essentially conservatism in denial, what with emphasis on free markets. The difference is in their approach to the social liberties of people. They just pity those who suffer, in a grating manner that preaches to them their own troubles, still treating them as below them, where the other side is open about keeping them in their positions, for instance, Barry Goldwater. I hate tankies because they read historical materialism in a vacuum. Political theory is not for everyone however, not everyone has the time for historical materialist analysis of every injustice, and neither can historical materialism explain every injustice, for example, bigotry. Though, you can explain part of it with the analysis, bigotry is ultimately a much deeper issue than material injustice, it is about direct oppression of civil liberties, worries of replacement, displacement, or competition, and a lot of imperialist + colonial theories of classifying cultures as “inherently collectivist, because that is their natural way of life” (such as those of Asian countries), their cultures being either “too innocent, or naive, and in need of foreign guidance/intervention” (such as those of Native Americans, and latin America), or of being anti-social societal parasites, and/or criminal, or admirers of criminals who are incapable of proper “civility” (Such as African, and recently latin american). Essentially these colonial/imperialist era theories boil down to stereotypes, which many modern audiences, and even research articles, either deliberately or unintentionally harbor. That does not mean I believe people are inherently racist, just that racism is not always overt, and it is an issue that can be tackled, but not in our current system. I do not vote, I live in New York under the electoral system, my vote is nothing in a state of a blue electoral college... but if I did, I'd vote the green party. Both republicans and democrats are beholden to lobbiers.

Personal stuff
I have aspergers, and it is a lot less high functioning than most with the condition. I struggle with deadlines, getting myself ready, brushing my teeth, etc. I love computer hardware, ask me about computer hardware. People do not appreciate computer hardware, they depreciate it so much that they have ignored how current companies have been attempting to monopolize the repair industry. This makes me sad. The right to repair, and my hero Louis Rossman make me happy, even if they are often undercut by lobbyists and ineffective legislators, it is the effort that counts in a hierarchical system where power is concentrated in the bourgeois, who’s ambitions include either maintaining the status-quo and maintaining those in power, or regression. I also really hate college. College is very overwhelming, but I have many supportive people to help me survive over-stimulation. I like Hatsune Miku, and the metal+rock music that studios using her produce. I'm an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, I speak spanish. Things are very different there compared to New York, and I often get confused for being Mexican. I am not Mexican. I hate New York, but it is admittedly better than La Vega. I hate most places, but I am an idealist who is difficult to please.

Computer stuff
My favorite part of a computer is the power supply because you can find them cheap online, and for that reason I bought a 1600W EVGA T2 power supply for 250$ when MSRP goes for around 500$ (USD). Its efficiency is over 90%, but it is also a very safe power supply with decent overcurrent protection. I have a collection of hardware components, some of them broken, some of which cannot be repaired because they are too broken, or the wafer is burnt. It's ok, they are years old and can no longer compete on benchmark leaderboards. I hate laptops because they thermal throttle easily, I don’t let my components reach higher that 78 degrees celsius and use monitors to ensure that doesn’t happen, I also have done undervolting, all major parts use AIO cooling (because I didn’t want to wait to afford custom water cooling), and I love to watch videos overclocking with liquid nitrogen.

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06 Dec 2023, 10:56 pm

Welcome to WP! I hope you like it here.

P.S. I'm more of a software guy.

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07 Dec 2023, 11:10 am

Welcome to Wrong Planet. You wrote about overclocking with liquid nitrogen. Back a few decades ago, I knew people who were able to make their computers run faster by overclocking. If you want to improve your computer’s performance without spending money on an expensive upgrade, overclocking your CPU is a great way to make your PC run faster. Learn how to push your processor to its limit, check your computer’s temperature, and achieve a stable overclock. So my friends were into this advancement in computers. So this is an interesting skillset.

Back in the old days, overclocking allowed people to take their normal store bought computers and upgrade their normal computer speeds to compete with extremely expensive state of the art computers.

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07 Dec 2023, 11:15 am

Welcome :)

I don't think this forum is going to judge too hard about using the term Aspergers :) The rest of the autistic community online tends to, but we chill here

ASD, most likely have dyscalculia & BPD as well. Also dx'd ADHD-C, but don't think it's accurate.
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07 Dec 2023, 4:48 pm

Welcome to Wrong Planet! :)

Silly NTs, I have Aspergers, and having Aspergers is gr-r-reat!


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10 Dec 2023, 3:24 pm

welcome! glad you found us!


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10 Dec 2023, 3:32 pm

You seem like a well rounded young man. Welcome to WP