different opinions on autism from autistic people

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07 Jan 2024, 6:35 am

Fenn wrote:
Frankly your doctor is misinformed and would benefit by reading up on the most recent eeg studies and neuro-imaging meta-statistical studies.

Explain. What use is an eeg?

If it was any use then it would be black and white whether someone is autistic and they wouldn’t have to go through long assessments.

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07 Jan 2024, 7:34 am

I have had an EEG. Means "Electro... something!" They put this jelly stuff on many parts of your head and then stick these electricsl connections onto the jelly (The jelly enhances the electrical contact as well as helping the little pads to stick that the wires are attached to). They then have the wires go back into a machine (Computer? I wasn't noticing as I was stressed though the ladies that were experts were calming me down...) and they can watch the brain activity. I was concerned because the ladies were pretty and I hoped they could not read my mind as I suddenly thought about that. I was sort of nurvous where I ask silly things when nurvous... I asked "Can you read my mind?" The lady thought it was funny and said that she was one of the newest leading experts so her training and study on the subject is fresh, and she said thenmind is so complex that even the worlds most powerful computer did't have the capacity to do that! She talked about how much more advanced the human mind was compared to computers and also how we only use a small portion of it. (I think it was her who said the small portion. May have been someone else as I wanted to know more. Oddly where I was living, one of the neighbours is a brain surgeon and she was the first femail brain surgeon and when she qualified she was the youngest ever brain surgeon to get her qualifications. She is older now. But I asked her after having the EEG as before I had it I was nurvous so I visited her to ask what to expect, and no. They don't drill holes into ones brain! Haha! Actually the neighbour had to do that as her job was to save people lives in emergency operations so I am guessing she did that if needed? I don't know. But all the EEG staff do is want to take readings to check for fits and things like that.
While I was there the lady asked if I was light sensitive and knowing I had shutdowns as I actually nearly had a full shutdown due to the attitude of the receptionist who refused my facemask exemption and I had try and wear my face shild which I knew I could only manage for a minute or two at most... I nearly had to run outside where I would have collapsed in a full shutdown but the staff doing the proceedure rescued me from the ordeal and I said I needed to lie down (As I was close to a shutdown so I could no longer physically sit up). I would have been fine waiting outside as the door had glass windows and the reception was only 15 ft the other side, but that awful receptionist said "If you go outside I will strike your name off the appointment list" which could be years of waiting to get another appointment as the autism people had rushed me through for an EEG as I was driving and they wanted to ensure I didn't get fits, as I had mentioned having "Mindblank" when I went to see doctors (Why it took me two wholw years and many appointmets to ask if I was on the spectrum... Where I expected a yes or no answer. Didn't realize there was an assessment and a waiting list.
Now four and a half years later I know the answer! :D


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08 Jan 2024, 5:26 pm

For some people it's just a neurotype, for others it's a disability. It depends on whether it's the high functioning or low functioning person. I have my problems resulting for autism, but generally it can be written down to individual differences and "everyone has strengths and weaknesses" kind of thing. I have also benefits from the unique skills. Two of my cousins can't even talk - that's a disability. And there are all the states in between.