Visual Motion Sensitivity / Vestibular Disorder

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11 Jan 2024, 4:23 pm

Anyone else suffer from a Visual Motion Sensitivity / Vestibular Disorder sort of thing all their life?

I've always suffered from motion sickness.

When I was a kid, if I went on a swing or any other moving playground equipment. I would be sick and still feel like I was moving for days after. Same with boats.

These days I stay away from all that. But I have trouble tracking moving things or can get a bit wiped out if something is moving around me.

Another example is if I'm sitting at a crossroad in the car and need to turn right, and a car comes from the left and turns right into the road I'm on, the movement from the other car makes me feel like I'm moving to the right, even though I'm sitting still.

Things like patterns can make me feel off, walking on grass, the patterns on the grass can make me feel like the grass is actually moving under me.

Sometimes when driving It can feel as if the car is floating above the ground.

Reading can be hard.

Flickering light from candles is a no no.

Had a few sever dizzy attacks over the last 25 years starting at teens and lasting for several days, usually after some sort of over stimulation and stress.

No problems with eyesight and have excellent night vision. However when driving at night my mind likes to follow the lights of other cars.

Hand/eye coordination can sometimes be off, especially with things like cleaning, rolling up hoses and leads, hanging washing. Yet it isn't affected when doing hobbies like gardening or woodworking unless I'm having a particularly bad day.

It appears all this has been there my whole life from what I can remember.

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11 Jan 2024, 8:44 pm

I had really bad vestibular disorders after suffering a stroke in my cerebellum.
That was only nine years ago, so not my whole life, but I can still relate.

I went to something called VRT or Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy.
Is there something like that where you live?

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