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Pileated woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker

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12 Jan 2024, 9:49 pm

What foods do you hate?

Here are some foods I hate:
- Beef. I absolutely can't stand it, especially if it's ground. I don't even like hamburgers.
- Mashed potatoes. I always hated the texture.
- Baked beans. Even looking at them can me gag.
- Lima beans. Seems like in America, this is a pretty hated food.
- Relish. It looks like vomit to me.
- Mayonnaise. I know it's necessary for some recipes, but mayonnaise by itself is gross.
- Frozen fish. It smells nasty. Fresh fish is so much better.
- Tuna. I do eat most fish (as long as they're fresh and not frozen), but I can't stand tuna.
- Anchovies. I never understood why people put them on pizza.
- Wheaties. One of the few cereals I don't like.
- Kraft Singles. Tastes like plastic. Real cheese is so much better.
- While it's not a food, I hate most energy drinks. RedBull is disgusting.


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12 Jan 2024, 10:07 pm

Asparagus is the only food I hate so far


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12 Jan 2024, 10:47 pm

chocolate - I can't even smell it without puking
strawberry flavouring (the fake pink stuff)
wet meat - any meat cooked in liquid like stew
those big fat orange Chinese noodles that look like worms
basil or oregano - not sure which one it is so I avoid both
peppermint / mint

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13 Jan 2024, 12:52 am

I've been pescatarian (vegetarian who eats fish) for over 25 years so all meats (besides fish, and I could stand to eat chicken if I really had to, as long as it's not fried or greasy) are gross to me. Even if I unknowingly take a bite of something that has some meat stock or other meat flavor it's just gross.

I can't really think of any other foods I really can't stand. Coffee is really bad. I don't like sushi but I can eat it.


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13 Jan 2024, 12:59 am

Any kind of mint (but I still brush my teeth morning and night)
Nuts (I've even said I'm allergic just to get someone off my case)
Mushrooms (and I used to work at a mushroom farm)
Squash (a vegetable)
Baked beans or salad with beans in it


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13 Jan 2024, 10:51 pm

Hot spices, because they hurt my mouth. Vinegar, too much salt, too much sugar. Hard to think of anything else because I stick to the food I know and love, have done so for years, so I can't remember if there was much I absolutely hated or whether I just kind of disliked it. And tastes change over the years, so for all I know I might not mind some of the things I used to dislike. But I don't plan to try anything much that isn't what I usually eat and drink.


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14 Jan 2024, 6:30 am

In no particular order

Banana (I do enjoy banana bread, i can't stand the texture of real bananas)
Celery (#1 most hated food)
Most berries except strawberries
Cow milk
Almond milk
Egg Salad

I do have dislikes of other foods but these are the ones I hate with a passion


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16 Jan 2024, 11:10 am

Fish. I can eat canned tuna but that is it for fish. Can eat some shellfish, though.

Used to hate chicken but ok with it now. Turns out my Mom was just really bad at making it.

With age I can't handle very spicy foods any longer. Just tears up my stomach.

I like lima beans.


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16 Jan 2024, 11:27 am

I can't stand beans or most veggies. The only one I actually like is corn, and I tolerate potatoes and lettuce.

sour cream is not my thing.

My god. jelly donuts are so scary.


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18 Jan 2024, 7:38 am

Most vegetables and fruits.
I don't like the taste and texture of leaves and whatever fruits are supposed to be.

Anything else depends how it is cooked.
I don't like many spices and methods of cooking.

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Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl

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20 Jan 2024, 11:38 am

I feel like I can't eat 80% of what "normal" people eat. I have an extremely sensitive gag reflex and am very sensitive to textures, smells, and even appearances. Any of those can cause me to gag without even putting it in my mouth. D:

I could try to give you a list, but it might take days. I can for sure say that I have a special hate for spinach, chicken pot pie, and mushrooms. Those foods are so gross that even thinking of them makes me gag.

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Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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20 Jan 2024, 5:09 pm

I was a super picky eater as a kid, I've gotten much better about expanding my foods as an adult ... but this list might not look like a list of an adult who's grown out of picky eating lol...

- meat
- eggs
- fish / seafood
- yogurt
- any milk from an animal
- mayo
- butter
- foods cooked in oil, I can't stand the smell of oil being cooked... it saturates everything
- the texture of most veggies but I don't mind them in blended soups
- raw tomatoes
- any fruit that isn't perfectly ripe (apples have to be crisp, slightly tart and not too sweet or mealy, or I'll bite it spit it out and throw it away. Same with bananas, they have to be in between yellow and starting to freckle so they are slightly sweet and not starchy, grapes have to be crisp)
- avocados
- dark leafy greens, especially spring mix. There is always something in the mix that tastes like dirt to me.


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20 Jan 2024, 6:11 pm

Beer or lager

To name a few.


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26 Jan 2024, 3:21 pm

Eating in general gets on my nerves. I'd be more than happy live on toast and vitamin pills

But the foods I hate most are fruit and veg, rice pudding and asparagus

I hate bananas. It's not that I can't eat them but it's the noise they make when other people are eating them. It sounds like when you go down on a woman. Not that oral sex in itself offends me but I don't wanna think about that when someone is innocently being all sloppy over a banana. And I certainly don't wanna have the smell of a banana in my nose when I'm thinking about oral sex. It's just not right.

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31 Jan 2024, 1:28 pm

I eat many things and the list is short of things I don't. Lets see..

Beef Stew- looks like throw up to me
Ham Cold cuts, although Turkey and chicken breast is ok
Lima Beans.
Most TV dinners are horrible, except for Amy's and Health Choice steamers
Eggs but Scrambled is ok
Milk from an animal, Almond milk I can do

I cannot eat spicy foods, it tears me up really bad. Which sucks because I like it.

I've been working on getting away from junk food and stuff with too much sugar it. Its hard but making progress, trying to lose some of my stomach.

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09 Feb 2024, 12:03 am

Off the top of my head:
Any vegetable outside green beans and potatoes.
Any fruit that I used to think was a vegetable.
Apples that leave me chewing on the skin too long.
Dry meat

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