Have you heard of "the spiky profile"?

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25 Feb 2024, 4:05 pm

I have to admit that I'd only heard of this term late last year, and I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about all things ASD! But it makes perfect sense; basically conveying the notion that autism isn't a linear spectrum, but more like a "colour wheel" spectrum, with spikes denoting areas of strength rather than relatively even strengths (the NT norm) or the profile could be like a sine wave type of curve.

I think the abrasive layperson remark "I don't understand how somebody could be so smart, yet so stupid" sums up the spiky profile perfectly. Even if I'm put off by that sort of remark :x :(

Ostensibly this is the reason why we tend to get ridiculed or rebuked the way we do; because NTs regard "the spiky profile" as unnatural, that this is not a normal human being and I'd prefer they were more like ME...sigh.


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25 Feb 2024, 4:26 pm

I think in terms of our neurology, its all neurodevelopmental, with strong and weak traits that show in neurological testing, we may test really high in performance in some areas and miserably low in others... those test results are really a very strong indicator of autism's presence.

Spiky, because in "normal" neurodevelopment those tested show "rolling hills" within a narrow plane, but our ASD tests tend to show peaks and valleys (spiky profile). It makes perfect sense that we all will show this in some way, but the ways our neurology develops is as individual as we are, so similar but each of us very different.

I found my neurological test results very useful for understanding my best strengths and worst weaknesses. I am great at reading, writing, comprehension of words, but really really bad at anything visual or audio related that must be done "in real time".

Your tests (generic you) (if you have them or were to obtain them eventually) will likely show completely different strengths and weaknesses. Autism is "uneven development of neurology" . :)


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