What do NTs find polite that you think is not?

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06 Mar 2024, 1:59 am

justanotherpersonsomewhere23124 wrote:
What do NTs find polite that you think is not?
They ask me if I am finished or ready yet when it is obvious that I am not.
justanotherpersonsomewhere23124 wrote:
How do they react when they find out what you think about it?
They go away for a while, and then come back to ask me again.  And again.  And again.  And again...

There was one Lieutenant on my first ship that kept calling down to the Comm center to ask if I had repaired the satcom system yet -- every five minutes!  The last time he called, I calmly explained to him that having to issue a report every five minutes was cutting into the time I needed to get the equipment running. While I was talking, I turned around.

The Captain was standing behind me.

He quietly took the phone from me and ordered the Lt. to come down to the Comm center, specifically to answer the phone and relay status reports until I was done with the repairs.  I quick-stepped to the satcom system and did not hear the rest of the conversation.  An hour later, the Lt. was still sitting there, staring at the phone.  No one had called, so I called up to the bridge and reported to the Duty Officer that satcoms had been restored.  She said, "We know", and thanked me.

(The satcom system had status lights on the bridge, too.)

From then on, that Lieutenant was much more "Hands Off".  I wonder what else the Captain may have said to him?

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