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Do you think a diagnosis is worth it?
Poll ended at 08 Mar 2024, 11:17 pm
Yes! 89%  89%  [ 8 ]
No! 11%  11%  [ 1 ]
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01 Mar 2024, 11:17 pm

Finally. I'm 52 years old and I have been struggling my whole life. I am glad I had all the right circumstances occur for me to be mostly functional in life and get to this point. On the test that measures the degree of masking a person does, I scored very highly. That's definitely been what's got me through life. I'm not going to share any scores because I don't think that's appropriate.
I have heard many people say that "self-diagnosis" can be just as good, but I disagree. Now that I am diagnosed I can continue to work with the Texas Workforce Commission to get placed in a job I actually will enjoy doing. Also, a diagnosis means I am protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Save your pennies. Get diagnosed. It was $1650 for me and it was worth it.
I tested for MENSA 20 years ago and got in. I was glad to see that my IQ is still top notch. This time at least I got to see my scores and where my strengths and weaknesses are. The psychologist I saw was very kind and she listened to everything I had to say without any prejudice. Such a life affirming experience.

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02 Mar 2024, 1:53 pm

I got a formal diagnosis in 2019. I thought it was worth it but not in any tangible sense.

I retired in 2011 and I do not need treatment nor accommodations...though I have, mostly unsuccessfully, been trying to get my medical care practitioners to adjust how they work with me.

Self-diagnosis is accepted by WP and in some countries a formal diagnosis might not be readily available. I did not want to go with self-diagnosis because my Autistic traits are mild enough I thought I was close to the margin between Autistic and not Autistic...that is, I thought I might be either barely Autistic or almost Autistic. Plus, I am not a professional so I couldn't rule out I was just plain wrong about it. A formal diagnosis removed any doubts.

A formal diagnosis also meant I wouldn't feel the need to always qualify my statements to note that the diagnosis was not official.

It was absolutely wonderful to know that it wasn't my imagination, other people really are different. That alone was worth the price of the diagnosis to me; in fact, I almost didn't bother submitting the bill to my insurance for partial reimbursement.

The Psychologist who assessed me normally does an IQ test as part of the assessment but was conscientious enough to note that it really wasn't necessary for me...I joined Mensa in 1981. I saved some money on the assessment by not getting the IQ test.

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03 Mar 2024, 12:46 pm

In general, most diagnosis are provided for children. Once you become an adult, the system loses interest. So I do not think for older individuals getting an official diagnosis is imperative. There are many online tests available on the internet that can provide you with a fairly accurate assessment.

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03 Mar 2024, 12:48 pm

Yes, I do think it is worth it. If only for self-realisation, aside from anything else.

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03 Mar 2024, 9:43 pm

Definitely worth it. I have a much better understanding of why I am how I am and why I am so much different to others. It has helped the people in my life understand me a bit better. It's helped me stop beating myself for being socially colour blind. It's helped to motivate me to see my limitations more as somewhere to start learning and growing from, and I don't feel like I'm the only weirdo in the universe.

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04 Mar 2024, 5:24 am

You've got to pay (that much) to be assessed and get the diagnosis!?

If it is the only way to get the diagnosis as an adult ( it seems that all around the world is the same for undiagnosed adults) than it is definitely worth it, I would be relieved to get it formally.

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04 Mar 2024, 7:11 am

I think a diagnosis is worth it. It can give you an answer to all the struggles you've been through.

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