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17 Mar 2024, 12:46 pm

for the past 12 months, i have been sitting in my house wondering how to get friends. Im grateful i have a roof over my head and food though. I game, i read and i like good food. Im wondering how to get friends who have aspergers. im 28 and starting work/school soon so hopefully that helps. my therapist tells me to join stuff all the time but i cant figure out how to do that. It is starting to affect my mental health and mood/depression.


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17 Mar 2024, 1:26 pm

i have been experiencing pretty much the same thing, though it's been like that since the start of the pandemic for me. i homeschool, so i don't really get out much, but it's also due to my social anxiety that i only go out a couple times a month.
i started going to an lgbtq group in 2020, and have made two friends my age there. On my better days (when i'm not tired or overstimulated) i'll contribute to the conversation the group is having, on days where i'm NOT feeling it, but still go to group, i just sit and listen.
This year i really want to get out more, but that means being in public... with… people.
currently i'm reading a ASD workbook, and i think it will help.
the last couple of days i have been really feeling happy. probably because i've been going outside every day for more than just 2 seconds
Since going to hang out at a group helps me, that's what i would suggest for making friends and improving social skills (if needed) or signing up for a class that interests you (i did stage sword fighting last year), for feeling less down, outside is really nice. you could go to a park, if you have one nearby, or go explore the woods in your freetime.
Hopefully this helps in some way or another

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