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Jason Thayer
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Sea Gull

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24 Mar 2024, 6:50 am

When I was a member a loong time ago, I started a thread called "Rate the song above you". The way it works is someone posts a song, and the next person rates it and posts another one. I'll start with one of my favorite Rush songs: ... aXN0cnk%3D

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26 Mar 2024, 1:25 am

for the purpose of this thread i give it a try, listened and to me its rather uninteresting and bland, totally safe for teens i guess



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27 Mar 2024, 6:03 pm

Jason Thayer wrote:
one of my favorite Rush songs

traven wrote:
rather uninteresting and bland

this thread will not go well :| ...but the song you posted was nice...when that sound played at 0:59 i was like d(^_^)b

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