3 body problem? but spoiler alert if you havent seen it yet.

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26 Mar 2024, 2:07 am

It's so great lol me and my boyfriend watched it all in two days. we wanted to drag it out longer but we couldn't stop watching it once it started. Which is how we are when any show we have been waiting for happens...we swear we will only watch two episodes a night and then watch all 8 in one sitting over the weekend totally breaking the rule.
But idk it is a great show which may have more seasons, since there are more books for it. either way I am curious to read the book and hopefully see the show continue.

But yeah it's like aliens 400 years away starting to make contact with our planet, but they are not exactly peaceful...and they are depected in the show as depicting themselves as people. But later in the show it is asked how the aliens actually look and they just say we wouldn't like it and that they are appearing as humans to make it easier to comprehend. so bascally they are probably horrific bug octupus things that they found out maybe we wont like so they decide they need to stop our tech and science so we don't advance further than them by the time they get here so they can invade more easily...so they attack our science to make it not make sense to slow our development so we won't advance too much before they get here. They do this with a proton sized computur that can take over a whol plantet somehow...idk I don't get how it is all supposed to work. But makes for an entertaining yet f****d up sci fi show.

Does anyone else like it

We won't go back.

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10 Apr 2024, 2:25 pm

Yeah, I think it's a great example of modern "hard" science fiction, a category of sci-fi I usually don't explore, preferring the zanier comedies and kinda outdated dystopias.
I think it's really disturbing and brings up a lot of interesting takes on morality and humanity that I enjoy are being brought to the mainstream.

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