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30 Mar 2024, 5:12 am

DanielW wrote:
You said previously that autistics lie differently that those who are not. Your explanation as to how that was so, says that they lie like everyone else does too, which make it seem that it isn't different at all. And as to being less able to spin elaborate lies, I know plenty of neuro-typical people who as just as incapable - so it appears that your own opinion proves there is no real difference. Which is a shame. I was intrigued by your earlier post.

My opinions are just that - opinions. Also, good jorb missing the point.

As I said before, whenever this subject gets brought up, the discussion tends to be presented in such a way that autistic people just aren't, or can't be, liars, cos "bad social skills". When I said that autistics lie differently, I didn't mean they have a unique and special form of lying unique to autistics - I meant they lie differently than the manner typically proposed in these discussions.

The fact that these forms of lying are just normal forms of lying is part of my point - There is no real difference, and autistic people can be liars just as easily as anyone else.


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31 Mar 2024, 8:42 pm

I PRIDED myself on not lying! It was a long time before I lied, though I easily could have. I forget when I first did, but I think it was on one of those weird situations where it was demanded that I answer a question yes or no, and it was NOT a yes or no question.

A couple questions back,a boss asked me a question, and I answered him PRECISELY and CORRECTLY! Someone else told him YES, and the boss said YOU I understood, what was so hard? Well, I told the truth! The other person, WHO DIDN'T know the answer ANYWAY, LIED!

Yeah,I could have said yes or no, but neither was the correct answer!


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31 Mar 2024, 8:56 pm

I'm very outspoken so I have trouble telling lies, despite what people say about lack of eye contact.

Snowy Owl
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01 Apr 2024, 6:20 am

I usually don't lie. I think most autists are like this, pretty blunt.
Lying requires a good instinctive knowledge of how the other person will respond to the information.
We don't have that knowledge, by definition, so when we do lie, it can
seem crude to NTs.

I have found lying to be a very effective self defense however, if you are being mugged or
someone is trying to screw with your s**t, or elicit information.

I am working to practice effective lies for these circumstances.