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05 Apr 2024, 3:22 am

My favorite April Fools story this year was one published about our latest top secret submarine with a caterpillar drive.

In other words, the Red October.

Some people didn't catch on too quick and thought that we were publishing high security details about our newest submarine.

From ... s/67295950

American submarines will further extend their advantage in the undersea domain. In the first of a kind, the U.S. Navy has fitted a new form of propulsion, magnetohydrodynamic drive (MHD), to a Virginia class submarine. This promises to make the submarine virtually undetectable, the holy grail of naval warfare.


It is likely to be particularly stealthy as there are no moving mechanical parts. This will make the submarine particularly difficult to detect using passive sonar which listens for noises emitted by the targeted submarine. Sonar operators searching for the USS Montana will likely hear noises which are indistinguishable from natural phenomenon, such as seismic activity.

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