Feeling lack of support navigating financial aid

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Emu Egg
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03 Apr 2024, 2:01 pm

I’m currently a student in graduate school dealing with uncertainty if I’ll be able to afford my final semester because federal student loans only allowed me to pull out 20,000 but apparently I need good credit to pull out the remaining 10,000 for my final semester utilizing the student plus grad loans.
I’m feeling let down because my parents weren’t able to cosign for me, and my grandma had feared that if she unlocked her froze credit that she would be harmed and would not help me either.

It was in this moment when I felt completely alone, and I feel like it sucks because I know I’m not alone, but it’s really hard for me to socialize and create a social circle. I’m sure a normal person would have made a trusted acquaintance at my age, if not more than one already, that would be able to co-sign for me, but because it’s really difficult for me to build and maintain relationships when my family is not able to help I do feel like I’m all alone in circumstances like these.

Has anybody else ever felt like this and how do you navigate with making those necessary social connections needed to not have to deal with life alone? It’s also unfortunate because I have awful health insurance. I’m not able to get the professional therapeutic help I need.


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03 Apr 2024, 6:38 pm

Hi and welcome to WP.

Congrats on getting this far with your graduate degree.
Have you applied for bursaries and awards, and/or can you work as a TA?

Perhaps reach out to Financial Aid at your school to see how they can help.
They're usually more user-friendly than a bank, or the government.

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