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04 Apr 2024, 8:18 pm

I'm starting a new position officially at a Victoria's Secret position next week. I had resigned from my previous company due to a new corporate policy that required me to work on weekends, but my second job on those days prevented me from doing that.

I have accepted the job offer and completed most of the onboarding process. The management was excellent, but I have yet to meet any of my colleagues, and I hope to make a remarkable first impression. I also told the management I have ASD (diagnosed professionally) and anxiety disorder, and they were respectful of that. (I just hope I didn't show the management anything that would've prevented me from getting shifts.)

During my first day, I was doing training modules throughout the day. I was nervous due to the overwhelming amount of information I had to learn, the photos I had to take for notes, and the memorization of rules. Since then, I've been in my home while they're getting my first inaugural shifts ready and have been trying to do whatever relaxes me.

Can you offer me any advice (including those who have worked at Victoria's Secret) or words of encouragement?