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06 Apr 2024, 12:53 am

Should I tell my social worker about my trust fund? I’m worried about that.


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06 Apr 2024, 5:53 am

Absolutely yes.


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07 Apr 2024, 12:47 am

Why or why not ?

Why: Maybe if they’re aware that it has been mismanaged by your sister they Might be able to recommend someone that’s a professional at managing these things who can do a proper job so your money isn’t misappropriated.

Why not: Is there any reason to conceal any savings or income from a social worker ? If they know you have a trust fund, will it limit or reduce your access to public services or funding ? Or potentially do that if the fund has too much money in it? Or doesn’t matter - the asset would be found on some sort of credit check or account search anyways so it makes no difference if you disclose it ?

Just depends.. not enough info to know For Sure if it’s wise to tell them or it isn’t.

Do you want to? Do you need to? Are you not sure because you don’t know if it would affect anything? Sometimes you can ask “what if,” questions to find out without disclosing things. Example: you could ask your social worker “What if my family leaves money for me? Would that mean I lose my social worker or group home or funding ?” And let them answer.. then depending on what they tell you you might learn whether it’s wise to tell them about any money or not.

Soo.. it depends.

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