I have a hard time meeting people. Looking for new friends

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jimmy m

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18 Apr 2024, 12:52 pm

Erik369 wrote:
Thanks Jimmy for your reply. It nice to meet you too! I am a pretty laid-back person who enjoys spending time outdoors reading books, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. I'm always up for new experiences and meeting new people. It would be great to chat with you more outside of this site if you want. Let me know how we can connect!

Your traits are similar to other Aspies. We tend to go on adventures and do very remarkable things. We are explorers and thinkers. If you look around your region, you will find others like yourself. They write books about our ability to explore in regions unknown. We can be very brave individuals.

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18 Apr 2024, 2:02 pm

Erik369 wrote:
Hello, my name is Pierre. I am from eastern Sweden on an isolated island called Gotland. I was diagnosed with autism at the age of 10.

I have been looking for friends in different Internet communities but I find it hard to initiate conversations and connect with others, and when I do initiate, people do not seem to want to talk to me. I do not know what I am doing wrong and I feel very lonely as I have no one to talk to.

I have one friend I have made online named Chris who is also autistic. He is more socially experienced and has been trying to help me find new people to talk to. He showed me this forum and helped me write my message. I also used Chat GPT as English is not my first language.

I am looking for friends who can be patient with me and teach me how to develop online social skills. I really want new friends as there is nobody on this island I can really talk to. And I am very very lonely since I don't know how to talk to people online. But I need to learn how one makes new friends and how one has online conversations. If anybody has advice on how I can do this, or would like to be my friend, I would love to talk to you. Thanks in advance

^ I think this is fairly common for people to experience.

I wish you good luck with making new friends, in any case.