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10 Apr 2024, 1:37 pm

Does anyone on here know of any websites where I can make some extra money using my Chromebook? I only hold an associates in general studies with a few other credits in educational related courses. I work at the school as a paraprofessional during the school year, but in the summer, I only work 3 days per week for 4 hours a day and only 5 weeks (extended school year for special Ed students). I was looking into online tutoring, but all the websites seem to require bachelor's degrees in teaching. However, I am qualified to teach reading and basic math to kids ages (5-12) I would say since I've been working in an elementary school assisting the children with these subjects for the last 6 years. I could even assist with developing educational curriculum for students if possible. :) I also wouldn't mind a website where I can be rewarded for playing games. I tried Mistplay, but you don't actually make money doing that. You can make like $5 if you play the games for 6 months. Also, I've seen websites that pay you for taking surveys, but again, the pay rate is so slow and I don't want to give out my personal information to all these different companies to be shared, even if it's claims to be safe. The reason I don't really want an in person job is because of the fact that I have to be available to for the school Monday through Wednesday those 5 weeks + 1 more at the end of the summer for a transition to kindergarten program my school does. Any viable ideas would be helpful. I can be on my computer at night, on weekends, and school vacations. Even making $10 an hour (less than half of what I make now) would be okay, as long as it's usable. I don't want to be working on my Chromebook for a month and only earn a $5 Amazon card or enough points to be entered to win a $10 Burger King card. Thanks in advance for anything you guys come up with to help me. :)