'Beat' Tour (King Crimson tribute w/ Carey & Vai )

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10 Apr 2024, 6:31 pm

This hit my Facebook yesterday, caught a lot of traction, and by yesterday evening I sent an invite out to a bunch of friends.

I'm guessing most of the King Crimson fans here already know that Fripp retired the band back in 2022. What's going on here is Tony Levin (bass) and Adrian Belew (vocals and rhythm guitar) are being joined by Steve Vai on lead guitar and Danny Carey on drums. I'm also getting the sense that this is going to be an 'adaptation' of the songs.... which leads me to believe that Danny Carey and Steve Vai will be 'showing up' in ways that just playing the originals wouldn't have allowed as much.

Just throwing this one up here because it looks extra special.


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13 Apr 2024, 2:07 am