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12 Apr 2024, 1:46 am

Well I'm back,

After 2023 being the worst year of my life, I am starting to get back on my feet. After securing housing with my stepdad in early November of 2024, I finally had time to focus on my employment and education goals. My goal was to go to truck driving school to upgrade to a commercial drivers license so that I could drive large delivery trucks and also to just make myself overall more employable. Since then I have a achieved my goal of getting my commercial drivers license with the help of my province's employment services agency. Thankfully, because I was both unemployed at the time and autistic I was eligible for financial assistance in retraining. It was a long arduous process that involved a lot of paperwork and persistence on my part to navigate the slow and inefficient bureaucratic process set forth by my provincial government, but I got through it. Once I was approved I had to attend driving school which was a bit of a sh*t show. The driving school I had chosen was very poorly managed, I ended up squeezing a month of learning and lessons into 2 1/2 weeks because the school kept canceling and rescheduling lessons. Eventually I got fed up and got employment services to call the driving school on my behalf to give them hell, which thankfully worked. After that it was fairly smooth sailing. I ended up passing my commercial driving exam on the first try with only a couple small mistakes. I have to say I am pretty proud of myself because of that. Right now I am going through the groling process of job hunting and boy is it rough, I have applied to about 80-100 companies if not more and have only gotten a handful of interviews in return. The job market in Canada is not very good right now with a flood of cheap labour coming in from 2nd and 3rd world countries due to mass immigration. Needless to say I am not too happy about that. On the bright side I do have a couple companies that are interested in hiring me, a tire delivery company and a construction company. I am hoping to get back to work soon, both for the money and my sanity. Another positive thing that happened to me was I had two girls hit on me a couple weeks ago and I even got one of the girl's number. That's a 200% increase of the amount of girls that hit on me last year hahaha. The girl I got the number from is an international student from India she seems like a nice girl but I haven't been able to pin her down for a first date because she is so busy with school and work. Hopefully I can get something going with her soon but I am losing faith, oh well someone else will come along, right?

So that's how 2024 has gone so far for me. Thank you for reading this all the way through if you got the chance.


Canadian Freedom Lover