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03 May 2024, 2:03 pm

DuckHairback wrote:
As far as I know, most people can reflect on their childhood and pull out unpleasant memories that still have the power to alter our mood even decades after they occurred. And from a distance we might be able to put the events in that memory in a more accurate context, to the point that we can see they were utterly inconsequential, and that others involved (maybe an angry parent or whatever) would have discarded this memory almost immediately because it meant so little to them. But we can't escape the emotional impact that event had on us and if we dwell in that memory a little while, the emotions of it come back to us too.

Is that trauma?

My understanding is that it's more complex than that. Those memories are indeed formative but it's when our behaviour, or our ability to function, in the present is negatively impacted by the things we've felt in the past that we can really speak of trauma.

Psychological trauma is not that different from physical trauma. When you break a leg you spend that time while you're healing developing new movement patterns to compensate so you can continue to function. You will experience subtle bio-mechanical changes (increased muscle mass as the muscles around the wound have to work harder to keep you moving for example). When healing takes a long time, those newly learned movement patterns can become simply how your body works and you'll continue to move that way even after the broken leg has healed. The same is true psychologically. If something breaks, you try to find ways around it, self-protective coping strategies, and they can become your standard operating procedure. I don't know that this is necessarily a bad thing, but it certainly can be.

That's how I understand trauma anyway.

Can understand this completely .. as my body made. many compensations for damaged areas through out many
parts of my anatomy due to crushing injuries , on two different parts of my life . ( lending creedence to old adage
about Aspies being acvident prone ) long before , i knew of this benefit( affliction) ? ....Have had to many times try to overcome the compensations my body had made while healing for extended>>>> periods of time. Major bone broken as well as tiny ones . much nerve damages and torn out nerves .
Compensations were very many, much of which ,I was not even hardly aware off , much physical therapy and
things of that nature.. helped get me to appear that I walked fine , barely noticeable limp , for the hip and leg injuries, even with a 2 inch shorter leg ..Thank Gawd for the side effect of autistic extra nerve growth with less neural pruning ..
Was expected to be a vegatable, and permanently in a wheel chair . Overcoming the natural compensations my body made... And going through this requires almost constant practice, gives extra mesning to the idea of masking :D

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03 May 2024, 8:25 pm

Yep and probably will for the rest of my life too.

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